If you are a small business owner or a sole trader in the traditional sense, you might think that old school methods of advertising and marketing are the only way to go. However, people’s behaviour and attitude change, and you have to take advantage of the latest technology when you are trying to get more business and customers.

Facebook Pages

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The first thing you will need after having your website set up is a strong social media presence. Without it, you will never get ranked high in search engines or get noticed. Today, people are not interested in the fluff and self-promotion. They want real users’ votes and recommendations. If you don’t have a social media account, your credibility and brand strength will suffer. You will need to create consistent marketing messages and integrate social media in your website, too.

Review Sites

Instead of looking up Yellow Pages (yes, the free book you usually put straight in the recycling bin), people will search for companies for their projects on review sites. Even if they don’t start searching on the site, they might end up there, as most of them rank high in search engines. If you are not currently asking people to review your product or services on popular review sites, such as Yell and Yelp, you will lose customers every day.


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Most sole traders and UK business owners believe that creating an infographic is rocket science. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a decent presentation with images. If you simply don’t have the time, you can get in touch with a local marketing expert and get them to create engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Infographics can make it big on image sharing sites, are easily indexed by search engines, and shared by your followers.

Video Marketing

You might think that you need a specific studio to create videos, and this is holding you back from success. In fact,  you don’t need any specific equipment to create a good quality video. From branding content to behind-the-scenes videos, there are several ways you can connect with your audience and introduce your business.

Press Releases

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If you are just launching your business or are planning to offer a new product or service, you might want to take advantage of free press release distribution sites. You will need to focus on the quality of the content, therefore, it is recommended that you find a copywriter who has experience in the field, but once your PR is complete, it can go viral and even get featured in Google News.


If you need help creating a sales funnel and utilising the above online marketing and promotion methods, you should get in touch with a professional who has experience getting small businesses noticed.

A personal note:

I met my current partner two years ago and he had no idea how to market his business online. He had no social media accounts, his website was last updated when it was set up, and used an 8-year old template that didn’t work on mobile phones. Today, he is getting enquiries on Facebook every week, gets noticed on social media and review sites, and even gets people to contact him. After some of his customers saw the improvement, they wanted the same, and this brought me loads of business and experience.


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