If you are looking to improve your social media engagement and your conversions, it is important that you focus on the results, instead of the activities. Unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies fail to create an effective sales funnel and don’t ask the right questions before they build a strategy for your business.

If you haven’t read The7 Habits of Highly Effective People yet, it might be time. You will learn a lot about creating a plan with the end result in mind and making the most out of your personal efficiency. If you start applying the same rules in your business, you will see improved results. Find out more below.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

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If your digital marketing agency is not asking you about your business goals, they are likely to be guessing and shooting in the dark. When I sit down with a business owner, I usually talk about their long term goals, their finances, as well as their personal and business mission and vision. If you use cookie-cutter messages and marketing, you will never be able to engage with your audience and convince them that they should choose you and not another company out there. I offer a free consultation to find out whether or not we can work together.

How Many New Customers You Want?

It is also important that a sales funnel expert thinks in numbers and conversions, instead of talking in general terms. After the first consultation, I usually send out a focus sheet to my clients to ask them about how many clients they want, so I can tailor the package to thier needs. After all, you don’t want me to send you more business than you can handle, or the wrong type of orders.

How Can The Sales Funnel Help You Grow Your Business?

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You will also have to think about your long term plans in business, and identify your brand messages. What do you want your followers to recognise you by a couple of years from now? Branding and sales funnel development come hand in hand, as both of them focus on the emotional engagement and the quality of relationships you will have with your followers and potential customers.

What Is Your Ideal Customer Like?

Another challenge I usually give my clients is drawing their ideal customers. It is crucial that you find out as much as possible about people who are likely to buy from you, so you can accommodate their needs and serve them better than other customers. Ask yourself what their main challenges and frustrations are, so you can address them through the messages and touch points in your sales funnel.

What Is Your Value Proposition?

It is shocking how many business owners lack a well defined value proposition. The first thing your potential clients will ask when landing on your site is “what is in it for me?. if you fail to answer this question clearly, you will not take them from the awareness stage of the sales funnel to the interest phase, and it is likely that you will fail to communicate your unique selling proposiotion. Before I design a sales funnel, I usually sit down and brainstorm different USP messsages with my clients.

If you are in digital marketing to get more clients, you will need  a marketing expert who focuses on the results and not the processes. Systems thinking and sales process visualisation can help you see clearer about your promotions.

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