I have been thinking about starting a Mastermind Club for a while, just waiting for the right opportunity to come around. Until then, I have an amazing coaching family. We get together every 90 days to make a plan and set goals that take us closer to our 5-year goals. The sessions are run by Tony Mazzotti, my amazing business coach, and we had a blast.

There is no better time to take time off your business and work on your goals than now. Every time the 3-month sessions come around I start changing my mindset and thinking about: “where next?”

Spending a whole day with committed, like-minded business people who are building their dream and working on it gives you a lot of energy. It is a day to look back and look forward.

Digital marketing changes every day. That is why I love tapping into the audience I am serving and finding out what people struggle with the most. We had loads of discussions. Everyone went away with tons of useful advice from those who have been in their shoes before. After all, we are all facing a huge competition and have to find our angle.

What I was most surprised about was that so many people get stuck with their marketing plan and have no idea that sales funnels can help their business get more stability and predictability at the same time.

I decided that my main goal in business is to get people unstuck with their digital marketing and help them develop a long term plan. I am not interested in the button-pushers and people who are looking for miracles. I want to work with committed business owners who treat their business as a project, not a hobby.

To test drive my new services, you can now book a Marketing Clarity SWOT session that will help you see clearer about what you can do to improve your business through communication. Feel free to book it online and I will be happy to get back to you. Let;s make it happen for your business!


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