This week, I visited the beach. I deliberately chose a quiet spot, but there was a young family wiht a 5-year old girl. She decided to build a stunning sandcastle, but the sand was dry, and she didn’t have the tools. No small bucket, spade, rake, etc. Just a frisbee. Do you think she succeeded? Find out below.

The Main Struggle of Small and Medium Sized Businesses In the UK

The mail problem small and medium sized business owners have in the UK is that they don’t have the skills or the funds to make their digital markeitng work. At the same time, they are too busy working in their business to manage their social media and create a winning sales funnel strategy. Unlike large companies, they don’t have the budget for a separate marketing agency, or the packages that might make their SEO and social media work. That is why I set up LMNts Markeitng; to bridge the gap when it comes to marketing opportunties. Not everyone has the time and patience to learn how to set up and manage a website or Facebook business page.

It's like having your in-house marketing team... (Only cheaper...) (2)

The Digital Marketing Playing Field Is Not Level

If you are entering a Marathon in your bed slippers, you have no chance of winning. Other participants would have invested in the latest running shoes, and got a personal trainer to work on their stamina and running technique. The same applies to marketing your business online. You don’t have the budget to blow on trial and error and to figure out what works for your audience. That is why all our social media marketing packages, designed for small businesses in the UK¬†include a detailed report on your posts and your audience. You no longer have to shoot in the dark.

You Need to Have a Sales Funnel to Remail Competitive

Sales funnels can really level the playing field of digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses. Through active measurements and automation, you will be able to save time and money. However, you will need to find your USP and ideal client first. You cannot try to please everyone. First of all, you don’t have the budget to reach a wider audience. Second, you will have to give your audience a good enough reason to buy from you and not your competitors. That is why developing your unique selling proposition is essential.

What You Can Learn On the Beach About Digital Marketing Sales Funnels

child playing on sand near pail

Image via Jeremy McKnight@jeremymcknight

You will see loads of things on the beach that will help you reflect on your own buisness. That little girl – hopefully – learnt a new lesson. Arrive prepared, and have the right tools if you are aiming big. You will find people who will try to swim against the waves, and get nowhere. Others will be too confident, and get burnt on the sun, as they think they are untouchable, and they know better.

To give your business a fighting chance in a competitive marketpalce, you might want to take a step back and reflect on your model. Are you focusing on the right prospects? Do you qualify your leads? If not, you might want to set up a free call t get more clarity in your marketing strategy.


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