Last week we started a survey on SurveyMonkey to understand the small and medium sized business owners in the UK better and tailor our services and products to their needs in the future. The main aim of the survey was to find out whether or not they are able to get visitors and customers online, implement sales funnels and utilising social media. Below you will find some of the findings of the survey. If you would like to add to the responses, you can find the survey here.

Marketing Budgets Vary Across Industries

Most respondents had a zero or below £100 monthly budget for online marketing, but others actually spent thousands. Unfortunately, a bigger budget didn’t contribute towards more customers and profits from digital marketing. In fact, some of the companies spending tens of thousands on campaigns stated that they were disappointed with their marketing results and would not consider using a marketing agency in the future for the same reason.

Some Businesses Don’t Have a Social Media Presence At All

While 73 percent of the companies we surveyed had a website for eCommerce, almost 15 percent didn’t have any social media pages, and 32 percent had only the basics: Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Consultancy businesses are losing out on the implementation of LinkedIn into their sales funnels, and designers who are not on Pinterest or Instagram are not able to target their customers effectively. This is why it is important that every sales funnel is tailored to the needs and market of the business, and consultants don’t use cookie-cutter options or standard packages.

Most Businesses Don’t Think that YouTube Is an Efficient Way of Advertising

Only one third of the respondents used YouTube for marketing or branding. Most of them didn’t think that it was feasible, or worth the effort. Most of the business owners I have spoken to have expressed their concerns about the technological requirements and the time consuming nature of YouTube marketing. However, with today’s tools and editing software, you don’t need to hire a studio to have an effective branding or marketing video created.

One Third of Small Businesses Never Got Customers from Online Promotions

The most shocking revelation of the digital marketing survey conducted by Lola’s Sales Funnel was that only one fifth of people said they were getting most of their customers from online promotions. This is sad, as the majority of online marketing methods we use are free, and can provide you with a very useful insight on your customers’ behavior.

Almost Half of Companies Don’t Have a Sales Funnel

Companies without a marketing funnel are simply not able to automate their promotions and capture the attention of their potential clients through consistent brand messages. A sales funnel helps you manage your promotions and measure your results. You should get in touch with the Top Digital Marketing Agency in your field for a free consultation. 

If you have anything to add to the above results, comment below and we will be happy to discuss your views. Are you a small business owner in the UK trying to crack your digital marketing? Contact us and we will provide a free overview of your options.

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