If you have been trying to create a reputation and corporate brand for your business for a long time, you will be disappointed that you are not seeing the conversions you have been looking for. There is a simple reason why Facebook page marketing is not as easy as it used to be. Be prepared for a shocking revelation.

Your customers want a relationship with you.

Let me explain. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Therefore, the more personal and behind the scenes information you are giving away, they more likely they will engage with you. I am currently experimenting with engaging with potential clients through a group. I am sharing the results below.

Customer Engagement and Sales Funnels

When I sit down with a business owner to design a sales funnel and understand their needs, their main issue with their social media marketing is that there is little or no engagement. This is a problem that needs to be tackled. Unfortunately, vanity usually gets in the way, and they focus on the wrong number.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have; it needs to translate to engagement and sales, or you are wasting your time and money. 

You will need to create posts that are talking directly to your audience. You have to learn to understand their needs and wants, and address them.

Providing Value and Building Reciprocity

It is crucial that you build reciprocity. This simply means that you are providing something that is of a high perceived value for your customers, but it doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You can give out free advice, a book, report, or a video course. The key is that you will make them feel like you are going out of your way to help them out. That is why I set up my own group on Facebook: SME Marketing Help UK. It is a community of hand picked connections who are helping each other out, are providing value to other members, and are actively seeking ways to collaborate. At the same time, there are also plenty of learning units they can take part in, so they can learn new skills and pick up some tips.

The Power of Social Proof

Social proof is something that is missing from many digital marketing sales funnels. You will need to be relatable, but also build your credibility online. If you don’t have social proof, nobody will take your word for it. Ask for reviews and recommendations, and invite your existing customers to talk about their experience with you. I have managed to gather a few social proof snippets from my group like this:

customer feedback

sales funnel development session feedback

How to Implement Facebook Groups Into Your Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

If you already have an internet marketing sales funnel for your small business set up, and you are finding it hard to stay in touch with people, you can invite them to your groups. They might not be ready to buy now, but they will love finding out more about you. They might just want to see your social proof and get to know you before they commit to working with you. I grew my group to 45 members in just a few weeks, you can, too.

Facebook groups are great for following up with leads and staying in a relationship with them. Some of our social media management packages include group management, so you don’t even have to be there all the time to engage with people. Make sure that you check out our group and take on a challenge or learn your way through the units.



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