I have had most of my clients from the beginning. It is because I care and they know that they can get in touch any time. If they get stuck, have an urgent question, I get back to them straight after I read the email. Many of them even ask me about other marketing or business issues on the phone. It is not unusual that they call me on the phone and ask questions about their page. That is why LMNts Marketing is different.

One of our long term clients who is really happy with our service fell for a content service recently, and we knew that their personal connection with the provider would make it impossible for them to change their mind. We are monitoring their site and keep an eye on the stats, but at the time we didn’t have the capacity for offering blogging services. Here is what bad content can do to your site.

Compensating the Damage Caused By Bad Content

If you are wondering whether our clients’ traffic stats went up after getting a few blog posts published by the company, the answer is no. Even though we created an effective sales funnel, she got little or no traction in search engines. Why?

  • the posts were unengaging
  • there was no SEO on site
  • No images were used
  • the content was just some rehearsed news articles

Here is how the traffic stats changed, and the last coloumn shows how we compensated the effect by setting up a Facebook marketing campaign.

SEO case study

social media and SEO

Our Content Packages

Of course, we now offer great content packages; from SEO articles to blogs, white papers, case studies, social media content, and infographics. We are not the cheapest, but we do SEO right. We have been working in search engine optimisation for a long time, and have experience freelancing for some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK and US. If you would rather manage your social media yourself, you should check out our content packages for websites and social media. Wehn we post a blog, we never do this:


As you can see, there are no keywords added, only categories, and none of the posts have descriptions. Shocking from a company that considers themselves SEO experts.

SEO Without Social Media Is Dead

If there is one takeaway from the case study above, it is that SEO is dead without social media engagement. In fact, for a couple of years now, social media has been one of the main ranking factors for websites. We coluld, fortunately, turn around our client’s declining SEO traffic stats, and now they are not only getting likes and engagement, but also clicks through their booking page.

How To Evaluate Your Content and SEO Provider

If you are ordering content from a digital marketing agency, you have to check the content yourself. You cannot trust everyone with custom content marketing campaigns; it is important that you evaluate the company’s performance, expertise, and track record.

Ask these questions:

  • Does the content represent what your brand stands for?
  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  • Is there a call-to-action at the end of the posts?
  • Is the post SEO friendly and easy to share on social media?

If you have just started to go through all your outsourced content, and found that it doesn’t tick all the boxes, I encourage you to check out our content packages that are always built around your brand, your USP, and your ideal client.


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