Last week feels like a new chapter in our business. We have helped so many struggling small business owners in Cheshire, and have seen brilliant results. No matter if their limitations were based on the lack of their technological skills, digital marketing knowledge, or simply goal setting, we managed to get them back on track. Read some of the inspirational stories of last week below. 

marketing coaching and sales funnel design

Marketing coaching
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Coaching Client 1:

One of the coaching clients we are working with on a one-on-one basis is a very inspirational guy. He never heard of sales funnels before and had no way of building a prospect list or monetise their website. There were no call-to-actions, and the site had a high bounce rate. In just a month, he has doubled his website visits, reduced his bounce rate, and developed a great free product to add people to his sales funnels. I was on the other end of the phone, Skype, and email, to support him when he was stuck. 

Coaching Client 2:

We also work with another business coach, who is looking to grow his business. He has loads of content but has failed to use it to build a sales funnel. We have identified the development areas, helped him put together a product, and now he is finally monetising his list and adding new people to it. We encouraged him to create more content on social media and he is now getting amazing engagement. On the top of that, he has become a raving fan of our business and is spreading the word about what we can do. What else can you wish for?

Training and Development Business Sales Funnel Improvement 

training business

Training and development sales funnel design 
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We also provided some great ideas to one of our business connections in a difficult situation. They had to make quick sales, so a full marketing funnel design was out of question. We developed a social media promotion strategy and focused on the main USPs in his business. He is in the process of creating a content calendar and making the most out of the engagement funnel we created. Unexpectedly, the business owner simply stood up at a networking event last week and told everyone that if they need any marketing advice, they definitely need to speak to me. As I usually say: good deeds come back to you. 

Tech Startup Sales Funnel 

One of my sweetheart projects is a tech startup. I have known and talked to the entrepreneur for a long time, but now we really got things moving. Starting with the website and the social media marketing, we are planning on engaging with local businesses and customers and bring them together using a revolutionary app. I have a feeling that it is the next big thing and I am proud to be a part of it. In this sales funnel, local engagement and influencer marketing plays a huge role. 

Legal Services Sales Funnel

legal service business

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This week, we have also welcomed a new business. It was a pleasure to find out about the business model, the technological issues the company faced, and brainstorm some solutions. We have already identified the unique selling proposition and are in the process of working on the brand identity. 

As we offer a free consultation, there is nothing to lose for business owners who are looking to improve their sales funnels and their conversions. However, I have never met a genuine client who wanted a change say “No, Laura, I don’t think I want to work with you”. Why? You should check out our testimonials to find out. 

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