You might have already heard me talk about the importance of tailoring websites to the clients’ needs, and heard the horror stories of my customers who had been let down by companies offering cookie-cutter solutions. Today I would like to talk about two cases that were extremely bad, and customers were left with 0-3 visitors per day after paying close to a thousand pounds for web design. Find out more below.

Shannon, May 28, 2011

Startup Photographer Website Design

A local photographer recently contacted us for advice. They ordered a website marketing package, but didn’t get any traffic or calls. After looking at their cookie-cutter site, we discovered that they were not even registered on Google.

The customer was told that they would need to wait for a few months to get the site noticed by Google. This is clearly a lie. If you would like to get your site on Google, you will need to create a meta title, description, and a sitemap, and submit it. For hundreds of pounds, this company was not ready to do this.

After the free initial consultation, the customer asked us: how much is it to have a website a month?

I asked:” What do you mean?” He said: “to have a site”. You should never have to pay for having a site online, other than the hosting and domain costs.


Recently, we worked on retargeting his site, and now he is getting a steady 50+ visitors to his site, as well as emails from customers. He is now happy working for corporate clients,and can see his website working for him.

We charged only a fraction of the cost his previous web designer and online marketing agency quoted him, and did more:

  • Registered him on Google
  • Added his studio on Google Maps
  • Created his listings on multiple directories
  • Set up his social media accounts
  • Added professional photos
  • Created a blog
  • Worked on the branding and keyword targeting
  • Provided advice on online and offline marketing, including ideas on which companies, customers, and review sites to focus on.
  • Got him on Page 1 of Google for local search

Don’t let your web designer and online marketing company get away with poor service. Get a website designed that works for your business. A cheap standard website template at a high price will never get you results. You need a marketing sales funnel that attracts people, engages with them, and turns them into customers.

If you are frustrated with the lack of results from your website, you can book your free online marketing consultation in Cheshire, and have a chat about the solutions we offer. Get in touch today and take control of your website marketing for good.

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