Last week I was working with two different clients, both struggling to get traction in social media and getting engagement online. I sat down with them, offered advice on which niche to target, and designed the “entry of the sales funnel” to get their brand noticed. I haven’t rolled out the campaign on all social media platforms yet, only Facebook, but the results speak for themselves. Check out below.

The Digital Marketing Problem:

This computer repair shop in Cheshire has been at the same place for a long time, but not many people know about it, as it is sharing the shop with another business. The social media campaigns previously were not focused on results, and the local community. Obvioulsy, the business owner was too busy repairing computers and iPads, and had no time to brainstorm a digital marketing strategy. This is when we came in.

The Engagement via Facebook:

While the Facebook page was set up well and targeted the right people, the lack of content made it almost invisible. I sat down with the owner and found out what the most profitable and specialist areas they want to focus on. It turned out to be iPad screen repairs. He explained to me the process and the different tools and bonding agents you need to get it right. I immediately spotted the USP. I told him: “get me a few photos of the process, and I will do the rest”. Of course, he was skeptical, but did it. All I got was a few images with a short description and I created an amateurish video on Facebook. It had more social media engagement in a few hours than the page got in its entire lifetime (7 years).


How did I do it?

Sales Funnel Development:

Creating the video only took care of the first stage of the sales funnel: Awareness.; I am now working on creating the next stages: Interest, Demand, and Action. However, if you get the first stage wrong,  you will never have enough people to market to. My future campaigns include special offers, limited time discounts, and promo codes, as well as email automation.

The Results of Social Media Management

Social media usually takes up loads of times if you are trying to get everyting updated, measured, and keep an eye on your results. That is why I offer digital marketing automation services for my clients. This white label software is fully GDPR compliant, as you will never need to give me your passwords or make me an admin of your pages, unless you really cannot be bothered and want full service. You will get a link to your results, so I am not hiding anything from you. Based on the engagement level of your social media campaigns, we can pick the winning content and strategy together to optimise your conversions.

Other Clients’ Social Media Results:

Before you think that this is a one-off case of getting it right, I wanted to share with you some of the other results I have been getting for digital marketing sales funnel clients in the past few months. Hopefully it wll explain why you should stop shooting in the dark and implement a sales funnel in your digital marketing.

If you would like to get the same results, get in touch below for a free consulation and find out how we can work together.


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