When it comes to building sales funnels for startup businesses, there are several challenges to overcome. The results are often slow to come in, and many clients don’t see what is going on behind the scenes; testing, tweaking, and making sure that the content put out resonates with the audience. However, in some cases, after the keyword research has been professionally done, you can get amazing fast results like this.

The Challenge:

The main challenge setting up the site was that it had to look different. It was an affiliate blog, and the end result should be to get people to visit the main links, after getting engaging content and value. The site should not look like a professional corporate page, more like a blog. We have created the categories, chose the products we wanted to promote, added some banners, and scheduled some content.

The Keyword Research

It took a week to do the keyword research, but we were entering a competitive niche. The more research you di before you design a sales funnel. the better chance you will have to find your audience. After all, marketing is a numbers’ game. If there are millions of results for one keyword, you are not likely to rank on the first page with a new website. This doesn’t mean that other alternative keywords would not be just as profitable.

Competition Research

After completing the keyword research, we moved on to finding out what the competition’s approach is. After all, in affiliate marketing it is all about standing out and building your own audience. Just like in network marketing, you will have to brand yourself, as well as the company you represent. We have found some powerful methods of advertising that could work for our new site, too.

Getting It Right

After experimenting with different type of content and posting a few updates on social media, we managed to find the right hashtags and groups to post in. This was a learning curve, but it helped us create a buzz about the latest products and the content on the blog.

Follower Count

Every day. after launching the website, we got new followers. If you are not familiar with blog following, every time you post an update these people will get notified. This is a powerful sales funnel tool, often neglected by digital marketers. After being online for just a few weeks, we had 15 followers on the blog. This is with just a couple of targeted posts and articles.


Search Engine Traffic

Above all, the greatest surprise was the search engine traffic we received. We excluded search engine bots, and after the first day we got this result:


That, given that we have social media followers, WordPress followers, and plenty of search engine traffic, as well as clicks to the affiliate links is promising.

site stats

To be honest, I was not expecting these results this fast. I was doubtful that it will work. Hard work, however, pays off, and now we are on the path to get some more engagement online using advanced sales funnels.

Are you looking to get started with affiliate marketing, and don’t know where to start? Arrange a free consultation and find out how we can work together.

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