If you know how we work at LMNts Marketing, you will be aware that our clients don’t usually leave us. I have this long term client I have been working with for a long time, and they are expanding. Surprisingly, they never even thought about contact anyone else. We started working on their site as a freelancer, and now that we are a fully grown sales funnel agency in the UK, we are able to offer even more value.

The New Challenges of Social Media Marketing and GDPR Compliance

Since I last rewamped the site that was done by one of my competitors badly, and full of spelling mistakes, not to mention that it was not talking about the USP of the business, loads have changed. The company is now offering new services, and they have a clear vision and direction. They want to generate leads but don’t want to be doing too much to get them, I understand this. That is why we are making their site easier to use for people and are adding easy contact options. We also added terms and conditions, a cookie policy, and a GDPR compliance widget.

The Solutions

We have gone through the site and disovered that the best way to feature both of the areas the company covers is by creating two separate pages on the main page with a call-to-action for the next page. Here is how it looks like now.


web design Aquajet

website design UK

Customisation Options

Of course, we had to pay attention to the fact that mobile first indexing has been rolled out by Google, and the page needs to perform as well on small screens as it does on big ones. We have also added an easy pop up “CALL NOW” button, so customers landing on the page can get in touch. Most of them will have an urgent issue to solve, so they don’t want to be emailing or filling out forms.

On Site Social Media Training

Once we are completely finished with the website optimisation, and have created the pages, we will set up the social media sales funnel and lead generation machine. this will involve taking images from the site and sharing them, talking about the charity and community projects the company is taking part in, and making the business more relatable. After this is set up, we will get in touch with the management and organize an in house staff training. This will include the setup of the systems and scheduling tools, so those on a job can share the images with office staff to post.

Setting Up the Internet Marketing Sales Funnel and Custimising It

At the end of the day, everything we do at LMNts Marketing full service sales funnel agency is all about the customer’s needs. We will generate leads through social media automation, including chat bots, so they will never miss out on business just because they are working too hard.

Are you finding it hard to work on your sales and lead generation? Have a chat with us and find out how our custom sales funnel automation services can help.

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