In case you are wondering what a professional sales funnel designer does every day, you will love hearing about the success stories of our clients. Sales funnel is still a dirty word, and everyone claims to be an expert. We are different.

  • We don’t claim to know everything about the client’s business.
  • We ask questions
  • We design the marketing sales funnel with the client
  • We are very conscious of the client’s tone and brand.
  • We focus on results.

One of my oldest coaching client got in touch recently, and finally had a breakthrough. He realised that he was jumping from one project to the next, and he was getting nowhere. He tried networking, listened to too many people, and lost his focus. Here’s what we did.

Sales Funnel Planning Session

We knew that the client will only get things done if we get them to take action there and then. So we booked a full sales funnel planning session. It took a couple of hours, but with the mapping, the copywriting, the design, and the website changes, we now have an action plan. We also set a deadline for each project stage, so we can follow up and be held accountabe.

Individual Coaching

You might be wondering what a sales funnel coaching session involves. It is a combination of coaching, design, planning, and technical support. We usually take our laptop or ask our clients to take theirs, so we can put things in action. This is important when working with busy business owners; they might buy into the idea, but things happen, and nothing gets done. In the worst case scenario, they will get stuck on one of the systems, and this will cause weeks of delays.

Technical Support

One of the things we don’t allow to happen when it comes to our sales funnel design is technology getting in the way. Not once, we have jumped on Zoom or even in the car to make our clients unstuck. This is the reason why our customers really want to work with us. We can end the frustration that comes with trying to manage your digital marketing.

Goal Setting

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We also set clear goals for every sales funnel before we design them. For example, for this client, the preferred outcome was to get bookings for a consultation. This means that he was struggling with the top of his funnel. He tried tons of things; networking, LinkedIn, and cold calling; nothing. The top of his sales funnel was blocked.

Sales Funnel Conversion Optimisation

One of the things we take seriously is optimizing sales funnels and turnning them into a “yes funnel”. The more chances you give your clients a chance to say yes to your offer, the warmer the lead will be, and the easier it will be to convert it. That is why we decided to supplement email marketing with social media bots, so we can really engage with the audience.

Marketing SWOT and Digital Marketing Overview

We also offer a marketing SWOT session that is more valuable than you would think. We are happy to deliver this service in person via Skype or Zoom. It costs £47, but if you consider the time you have wasted trying to see clearer about your marketing, it is at least ten times the value. If you feel lost, just like my client did, you should certainly get in touch and schedule a call.

The Results of a Sales Funnel Planning Session

As a result of spending a few hours in the office with my client, we now have a funnel, the email sequence, and a rough script for the sales video. After all, getting things done, instead of procrastination takes you further.

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Here is what my client said:

It’s not how long & it’s not how much!

Spent a few quality hours with Laura today & just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving me the clarity that I always go in about to her!

Great productive session ?

If you need help with your digital marketing look no further!

There is nothing more we would ever wish for. I will keep you updated on the progress, especially the lead count from the social media campaigns.

Are you stuck with your digital marketing and need help from experts? Feel free to schedule a free 30-minute call and let us give you some free tips.

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