If you have noticed that your page engagement on Facebook and generally your social media marketing results dropped, it is due to the changes to Google’s and social media platforms’ algorithm. In fact, you will now need to provide more value through your posts, which means longer content will do much better than one sentence memes. Here are some tips on how to use case studies to improve your SEO and your social media marketing.

The “Like Me Moment” (c)

If you haven’t checked out our post “The Five Pillars of Our Sales Funnels“, you might not know what the “like me” moment is. It is the point where conversion really happens, no matter if you are using social media marketing, Google advertising, or SEO. As a full service digital marketing agency in the UK, we know that it is hard to cut through the white noise of the internet and truly engage with your audience. The “like me moment” (c)  is the point when your visitors realise that you are just like them (personal branding) or that you have helped people like them. Once they get to this point, you don’t have to try too hard to get the sale. They will already be convinced.

Case Studies for Building Your Reputation

The main benefit of sales funnels is that they can build your reputation. No matter if you are a personal trainer or an industrial company, it is sometimes good to brag about your results and let people know what you can do. You can create a case study that is ready to accompany your proposals, or turn  it into a social media post, graphics, or even a presentation on the internet that can go viral and make your brand get the exposure it deserves. A case study can make your offer stand out and appear much more valuable and credible than other companies’.

Increasing Your Credibility

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The main problem with digital marketing is that there are so many people who claim that they can do it, but they let customers down. If you are sharing the space of social media with these people, you are guilty by association.

There is a Hungarian saying that comes to mind:

People from afar can say what they want

What does this really mean? Just like people who are not local had no way of proving what they said was true, you don’t have the tools, either. Unless you use testimonials and case studies, people are going to be sceptical, and your conversion rates will suck. That is why all of our social media management packages and sales funnel marketing deals offer testimonials and social proof.

Making The Most Out of Your Reach

No matter if you rely on organic growth for your social media marketing and SEO or are paying for traffic, a lot of money or time and effort goes into getting people to check out your content. You don’t want them to turn straight back with their questions unanswered. You want them to feel like they can trust you and want to find out more. This is the only way you can add them to your sales funnels. For this, you should do everything to show them the results you are getting for other clients. This will take them from the INTEREST stage of the funnel to the DESIRE stage straight away.

Case Studies Improve Your Profile

Most of the small and medium sized business owners we work with struggle to come up with content ideas for their blog or their social media. Some of them rely on other companies to create content, which end up to be a rewritten news article with little or no value to the audience they are trying to reach. Others will just do nothing. Creating case studies is not as difficult as you might first think. In fact, you can just take a note using a microphone and a dictation software during the project, and once it is completed, write the case study. At this stage, it might also be a good idea to include a testimonial from a client to increase your credibility.

How To Write a Case Study for Your Social Media Audience

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Of course, people’s attention span  on social media is just a few seconds, and they will not be prepared to read a 20-page report, However, you can get creative and use different formats. Highlight the facts and post them to grab your followers’ attention. Create posts with the results in mind and answer the main question your visitors might have: You have to be very quick if you don’t want to bore your social media audience to death.

How To Turn Your Case Studies Into Social Media Content

There are some creative ways of repurposing content, and we, at LMNts Marketing offer these services. For example, you can get a professional case study written for £150. Then we will turn it into a press release for just £75 including distribution. You can also get a professional infographic designed by our team for just £65. Infographics are the sexiest content out there. They are packed with information and data, but they are easy to share and distribute on social media and other platforms.

If you would like to have a chat with us about case studies to improve your social media marketing, or are interested in one of our content packages, get in touch. Feel free to book a digital marketing strategy call to find out how we helped other small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

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