There are many small and medium sized business owners I talk to who have already started building a sales funnel, but don’t have the knowledge or time to make digital marketing work for them. They have a lot of content out there, but it is just floating in the empty space, without getting real traction. The good news is that I can now offer two great services to help them overcome the challenges: sales funnel management packages and coaching. Find out more about my decision below.

My Clients’ Digital Marketing Problems

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I realised that most of the small and medium sized business owners have a direction, or they would not approach me. I now ask the right qualifying questions, therefore, I only work with people who already have a digital marketing plan. I have recently had a consultation with a business owner who had all the elements of social media and digital marketing already, but they were not put in a sales funnel. Having completed about half a dozen marketing courses, on top of my digital marketing degree, I decided not to charge the setup fee if the business already has an online presence.

The Time It Takes to Master Sales Funnels

Most of my clients will not be interested in the coaching package, and will need a full service digital marketing package. Just imagine that you run a gardening, plumbing, or electrical company, or you have a shop to manage. You will certainly not have hours to spend learning how sales funnels work. This means I take their idea and put it into action.

Working with the End Result In Mind

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One of the main issues people face when they they get started with digital markeitng is that they focus too much on what they are supposed to do according to the so-called experts, instead of what will deliver them results. I can add clarity to their strategy and take the guesswork out of their digital marketing.

Letting Customers Stay In Charge

One of the main principles of LMNts Marketing is to allow customers to stay in charge and control the messages they would like to send out about their business, At the end of the day, it is not my company and they know their customers better than anyone. This is why I never manage their accounts or post anything without permission; in fact, they can withdraw my access with the click of a button. It never happened before, though.

Fully Managed and Coaching Packages: What’s the Difference

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The main difference between the fully managed digital marketing and social media packages and coaching is the amount of automation. You are still in full control when you order the monthly content management and automation, but your input will be limited to brainstorming sessions and content creation. When you decide to get coached on digital marketing, you are expected to do your homework, but you will benefit from one-on-one support.

So as a summary: not all businesses start from scratch, and I want to deliver results faster than ever before, using my new signature label tool. Get in touch below to find out how we can work together on maximising your sales funnel results.


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