If you are thinking that you are alone trying to crack the code of conversions online, you are mistaken. Unfortunately. 96 percent of customers I speak to have no idea what works for their industry and how they can connect with their audience through digital marketing. Find out how you can build emotional connections with your audience and improve your conversions online. 

Create a Brand Story

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Brand story and identity in sales funnels
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One of the ways you can personalise your marketing and band messages is by creating a great brand story. Start by writing down your mission and vision statement and define your personal and brand mission. Are you trying to deliver services to make people’s lives easier or better? Are you passionate about one particular area of your business or one type of customer? You need to communicate this with your target market. 

Talk About Your Failures 

One of the ways of creating a personal connection with your readers and social media followers is by talking about the negatives as well as the positives. This will help you appear more human. Tell them what you did wrong in the beginning, how you improved your business, and why they should be listening to you. If you create a perfect image you will be less believable. 

Use Case Studies 

Writing and publishing case studies of work you have completed will help you make your business look real and connected with your market. Talk about your experience working with various customers and explain how you worked with them to achieve the desired results. People love a good story, and they can connect to it emotionally better than to a simple sales pitch. You can implement case studies in your marketing sales funnel strategy. 


Customer testimonials and sales funnels
Customer testimonials
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If you would like to gain the trust and commitment of your target customers, you will have to use testimonials the smart way in your sales funnels. Ask your clients to submit a review and a testimonial, shoot videos, and share the feedback on your social media, newsletters. and blog. 

Build Up to The”Like Me” Moment

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customer engagement 
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One of the things I recently discovered when I designed the five pillars of my personal sales funnel plan is the importance of the “like me” moment. In the 21st Century, most people would rather buy from individuals than big brands. You have to understand the market and find a way to align your mission and values with theirs, to create this special emotional connection that will increase your conversions overnight. 

There are plenty of ways you can engage with your audience, but creating emotional response is by far the most effective method for small and medium sized businesses. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with this task. book a consultation below. 

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