If you are running a business, it is important that you get the word out about what you offer everywhere you can. We are using social media marketing for lead generation because it is by far the most effective and most affordable way of getting clients and building relationships with potential clients. After all, other methods work as well, such as networking, but do you really have the time to chase up leads when you are trying to scale up your business. Many people consider social media ineffective. Here are some pointers that might help them change their mind.

Cost of Social Media Management

If you compare the cost of social media management packages with paid newspaper or radio ads, you will immediately see the difference. You can, however, measure the results and see where you can make adjustments. The same is impossible if you are just placing an ad in the local magazine or advertising on the radio. You can also scale your social media: decide on which platform is the most important for you, and you can get it managed for just £50 by us. You will get detailed reports and suggestions, and save up to two hours per week.

Chatbots and Lead Generation

If you haven’t tried automating your social media lead generation yet, it might be time to try chat bots. Manychat or MobileMonkey are free to use, and you will be able to answer the most common questions, send out promotions to people who engaged with your posts, or simply filter through your leads, so you don’t end up wasting time on people who are simply tire kickers.

Letting Your Personality to Shine Through

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If you are working in your business, as well as on your business, you will find it hard to justify all those meetings just to get to know your clients and find out whether or not the person is serious about your offer. I have spent hundreds of hours networking, and am currently taking a step back from all groups. I realised that without a sales funnel, all my efforts are being wasted. I am currently focusing on re-engaging with people who already know me, and understanding their needs. I believe that it is a better use of my time, and it helps me strengthen my personal brand, instead of targeting strangers and looking for the next magic customer.

Giving People a Chance to Like You

A social media account that gives out consistent brand messages and allows your personality to shine through will help you build deeper relationships. One of the main problems with social media marketing is that people just filter through the content without making emotional connections. You have to prove that you are real, and give them a reason to like you.

How Much Does Paid Social Media Advertising Cost?

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Once you have managed to find out what your audience wants and identified your ideal client, it is important that you reflect on the results and try to scale up your campaigns. I have actually managed to get clicks for clients as low as 5 pence, and that click led people to a direct booking page. However, it will depend on how well your Facebook and other social media account is targeted and optimised. You will also need an excellent copywriter to help you get people to take action.

Making the most out of your digital marketing is challenging. If you are a startup, or a business owner with limited funds, it might be a good idea to start with social media lead generation first.


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