If you are a business coach, personal coach, wellness coach, or consultant, you might be focusing on the quality of traffic, instead of the volumes. Just a couple of clients a month will keep you going and busy. However, these high ticket clients are the hardest to get and convince to work with you. If you have been wondering what have you been doing wrong and what are the latest methods of digital marketing for coaches, read on.

How To Get High Ticket Coaching Clients

One of the most common questions our clients ask us where their potential clients are. If you are in the personal or business development niche, your main goal is to get people to know, trust, and like you. Many of our customers have worked with lead generation agencies without success. You simply can’t get people to open their wallet or submit their credit card information right after they landed on your website the first time. If you want to attract clients with a big spend, you will need a high ticket coaching funnel that builds trust, personal relationships, and communicates your value. That is exactly what we focus on here, at LMNts Marketing.

Advice On Digital Marketing for Coaches

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No matter how many LinkedIn lead generation courses you have been through, and what other people told you, it is not easy to get clients by networking. The number of business and personal coaches we have seen burnt out and getting close to giving up after paying thousands for meetings, organizing events, and joining professional networks is unbelievable. You have to get clear on who you can work with and who you can help. If those people don’t turn up at the same BNI meeting, you are simply wasting time and money.

Best Coaching Funnels for Consultants

We have a couple of tested and tweaked coaching funnels for business consultants and coaches. If you are not camera shy (and why would you be, as you are interacting with people every day), we would recommend building a webinar funnel. The beauty of our high ticket coaching funnel is that it is easy to implement, follow up, and set up. You don’t have to say anything that you wouldn’t do at a networking presentation. The main goal of getting people to your webinar is to gain their trust and build a relationship with them. You can add them to your follow up sequence, send out the recording, and rinse and repeat if you feel like it.

Designing a Coaching and Consulting Funnel

If you are the type of person who would like to learn everything, and thinks that you can be an expert in web design, graphic design, and content creation, you will never have an effective high ticket sales funnel. I have seen so many coaches fall for the hype and sign up for ClickFunnels, thinking that technology will solve their problem. The truth is that you need to put in the hard work, test different lead generation methods, copies, and headlines. If you have the time to learn, fine. However, if you feel like you’d rather get high ticket coaching clients straight away, you can talk to a professional who will work with you on designing your marketing system and infrastructure.

The Best Sales Funnels for Coaches and Consultants

The best coaching funnels are the ones you can measure. You don’t want to be shooting in the dark and target the wrong clients. You must qualify your leads, or you might as well go back to your old networking group to carry on doing what didn’t deliver any clients before. The art of designing sales funnels for coaches and consultants is understanding your USP and your prospect’s pain points. You have to remember that – even if you offer a free consultation – you are asking for a high level of commitment; their time. You need to ensure that you entice your audience enough to gt them to enter your sales funnel.

Is a Webinar Funnel Right for Your Coaching and Consulting Clients?

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If you already have a well-defined brand message that answers the pain points of your audience, you will benefit from a webinar funnel. After all, you should have one clear message that is easy to understand for your potential clients. If you can communicate your value through the webinar and get people to want to find out more, you can get a conversion rate of 10-25 percent after the webinar. Of course, the hard work starts when you have to craft your follow up messages and get them interested in you as a person as well as a coach, you will effortlessly convert leads to customers. The best thing is: you can recycle and reuse your webinars; either include it in a training course, or use the presentation at a professional event.

If you are interested in getting help with building a high ticket coaching funnel, get in touch to arrange a free consultation. As we specialise in building sales funnels for coaches and consultants, you will save time and money engaging with us and can generate leads to your business within weeks, not months.

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