You might be asking how we came up with this blog title. The answer is simple. We were talking to a potential client on the phone for a few days now, and they kind of trusted us with telling us what other companies offered. Now LMNts Marketing might be an award winning North West digital marketing agency, but we simply don’t charge London prices. For us, £8,500 was very steep, not to mention that the company wanted to charge extra for website updates, too.

How Can Sales Funnel Development Prices Be Justified?

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When you speak to a digital marketing agency in Cheshire, North West, or anywhere in the UK, you will need to make sure that you are asking the right questions. You don’t only have to ask about the qualifications of the staff, but also case studies. You should check their reviews and expertise, and find out whether or not sales funnel development is something they do every day. If it is not, they will be likely to take too long, and they will charge you based on the effort. To be honest, for us, no matter which platform you choose, installing the software, writing the sales page, and creating the funnel is pretty much finger exercise. That is why we don’t charge £8,500 for a sales funnel development package.

The Guarantees Sales Funnel Developers Offer

Most companies will overpromise and underdeliver, that is why digital marketing agencies have a bad reputation. You can promise the Earth, but you will only get short term wins. Our approach is to work closely with the customer and find out what they are looking to achieve. We are aware of the bad reputation of digital marketing agencies in Cheshire, and we heard the horror stories. That is why we decided to launch our payment plans on sales funnel development; so clients can see that we are not only taking the money and running with it, but we are ready to communicate and collaborate along the way to build a marketing system around their brand.

Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Asking the Right Questions?

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When we sat down with the client who contacted us regarding social media and lead generation, they told us about their experience with other companies. They had the strong feeling that the company just wanted them to sign up immediately; in fact, they were asked whether to put the amount on one or two cards. Not to mention that they didn’t even ask any questions about the business, so how could they tell the customer how long it would take to develop the funnel and whether or not it would work. We encourage all our new clients to work with us on their ideal client profile and complete the marketing SWOT that is included in every customer package, but is charged at £199 for non-customers.

What Is Included In Your Funnel Development Package

We also get the question from business owners who are looking to grow their business whether they need to pay extra for their social media content, design, or content. The good news is that we are a full service digital marketing agency in Frodsham, Cheshire, so all your services are included. You will find that most marketing agencies will outsource their specialist work on Freelancer or Upwork. We have social media experts, influencer marketing specialists, graphic designers, and content crafters, so everything is handled in house. Some companies will charge you for every small update they make on your site; we included it in the package.

Why Work with Specialist Sales Funnel Agencies In the UK?

At LMnts Marketing, we don’t take the easy route ever. If a client has a strong brand and has amazing pictures, you just post it on Instagram and create a video. When it comes to business coaches, life coaches, and consultants, you will need to dig deeper to find the USP and communicate the value. This is certainly more challenging, but more rewarding, too. As we only work with people in this niche, we have a lot of experience and expertise to help you grow your business.

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