I talk to a lot of business coaches and consultants. Most of them have a lot of value to offer, but they don’t have a way of communicating it. Some of them still think that they need to shout louder than others to get their potential customers to notice them. The truth is that they just need an effective sales funnel that will help them target the right people.

The Benefits of Sales Funnels for Coaches and Consultants

As a coach or consultant, your conversion timescale is longer than someone’s who is looking to get a £5 sale. You are, after all, not selling tangible products, more like an idea. And you need to build a relationship and gain people’s trust. It takes time and effort. Now, just imagine that you are out there networking and meeting people every week. Is that the best use of your time? Wouldn’t you rather be working with new clients instead of chasing leads? That is exactly what a sales funnel takes care of. The main benefit of a sales funnel for coaches and consultants is saving time and energy and qualifying your leads.

Optimising your Sales Funnel Conversions

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Once you have your marketing funnel set up for your coaching or consulting business, it is important that you keep on improving your conversions. If you were to advertise in a magazine or on the radio, you would have no chance to find out exactly what is working and what is not. That is why you will need to ensure that you are working with a qualified sales funnel expert who understands your market and the different levels of engagement. You don’t have to redesign your entire coaching marketing system; you just need to keep on optimising it, so you can improve your outcomes and conversions.

Top Reasons Why your Coaching Or Consulting Sales Funnel Is Blocked

If you don’t have enough leads coming into your marketing system, you will have no conversions. However, your sales process has a lot to do with your conversion rates, too. The main reasons why your sales funnel is blocked and why you don’t get people to ask to join you on a journey are as follows:

  • You don’t have an irresistible offer
  • You are not communicating your USP
  • You are focusing on the features of your services, not the benefits for your potential clients
  • Your consulting funnel is not focussed on the main customer pain points
  • You don’t give your potential clients a good enough call to action that looks like the next logical step.

How To Market Your Coaching Business

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I personally don’t know of any industry that is more challenging to market than coaching and consulting. The difficulties lie in the nature of your business. Your niche is competitive, you are testing different angles, and find it hard to stay on topic. Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does. You have to market the value the client gets out of your service, instead of the service instead. A good sales funnel consultant will help you identify your ideal client and your USP. They will help you craft powerful messages that will resonate with your audience and make them want to learn more about you. It is all about relationships.

How To Qualify Your Leads to Your Coaching Business?

Another important challenge our clients face before they come to us asking for help building their sales funnels is qualifying their leads. We have all been there; a person seems really keen on working with us, we invest a lot of time and energy in trying to provide value for them, and they back off. The truth is that in 85 percent of cases, they will simply be too ashamed to tell you that they don’t have a marketing budget. The sooner you find out about their plans and what they are willing to invest in solving their most important problems, the better conversions your coaching and consulting sales funnel will deliver.

Are you interested in building a system that will add 5-10 leads to your sales funnel every week? Let’s have a chat and find out how we can find your angle in this highly competitive niche. Book a free marketing breakthrough call to find out how we work with coaches and consultants to get them a constant flow of qualified leads.

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