If you have been following my career, you will know that I love building sales funnels for people who are in competitive markets. The great news is that – no matter which industry you are in  -, a custom sales funnel and social media strategy will help you identify your ideal client and target the right customers. Find out more below.

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Branding Through Sales Funnels

One of the things my photographer clients forget about is the importance of branding. When I ask them, many of them don’t know what their USP is. If they don’t know why their clients would choose them and not another photographer in the region, how would their potential clients make up their mind? That is why I work on their USP and ideal client and find their point of differentiation where they can provide more value than their competitors. The sales funnel development only starts after these steps are completed.

Creating an Emotional Connection

It is also important to know that most people make an emotional connection. No matter if you are looking for a photographer to capture the best moments of your business life, your wedding, or create an amazing headshot for your social media, you will have to first trust and like them. We create the “like me” moment when we work on photographers’ social media sales funnel development.

Utilising Social Media Platforms

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It is important that you choose the right social media platforms to drive traffic to your sales funnels. You might be a business photographer offering product photography, and this means that your main social media platforms will be Twitter and LinkedIn, apart from Instagram. If, however, you like taking pictures of family events, you will have to create a portfolio site and feature it on Facebook and Instagram.

Building Sales Funnels with the End Results In Mind

it is also important that you set your goals and targets when it comes to your digital marketing sales funnels. Make sure that you have a strong call-to-action and you let your audience know what you want them to do next. This is the beauty of sales funnel development packages: you will be able to design each touch point with the next step and end result in mind.

How to Stand Out from the Competition If You are a Photographer

If you would like to get noticed by your potential photographer clients, you will need to fidn a way to add people to your sales funnels. You will have to take them through the four stages of sales funnel engagement; awareness, interest, demand, and action. You could use the following methods to generate leads to your photography business:

  • Instagram posting and engagement
  • Facebook slideshow videos
  • Facebook offers
  • Tagging your existing clients
  • Reputation management and review sites
  • Testimonials
  • Free guides to setting your scene for your photos or similar downloadable materials to create reciprocity and get email leads

If you are a photographer trying to stand out from the crowd, feel free to book  a free sales funnel consultation and find out how our social media management and engagement packages can help you generate more leads to your business.

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