I am about to build a community of like minded business owners in the United Kingdom to help them find out how to overcome some of the obstacles of building sales funnel and making social media lead generation work for them. You are welcome to join the conversation here. In the meantime, I am setting out to create more transparency. I am sharing things I do with my customers, and make them understand how our business works. Find out below how we design social media marketing packages for business owners.

No Cookie Cutter Options

We don’t work like most marketing companies. What sets us apart is that we ask the questions, so we can make the social media package work for our clients. We want to understand your business as much as possible, but still respect the fact that you know much more about it than we ever will. That is why we do the research, ask about their ideal clients, and their business goals. If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.

The Needs Assessment

Once we gathered all the information from the business owner (we don’t deal with large companies on purpose; we want to capture the vision of the brand, not just the goals), we will create a needs assessment sheet. We find out about their budget, their goals, and their main digital marketing problems, so we can find the best way to work together.

The Market Research

Once we know what the business owners are looking to achieve, we will go out there and do the market research. You might not hear about us for a while, and think that we are doing nothing, but this can take time. Business intelligence is an important asset when it comes to building sales funnels. We usually come back to you with a report on your competitors and your ideal clients’ needs.

The Marketing SWOT Analysis

When people sign up for a full service sales funnel package, we also create a marketing SWOT analysis. While often the whole thing fits on one page, it is powerful, and we can refer back to it whenever launching a new social media campaign. The marketing SWOT focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s digital presence, and helps us identify risks and opportunities.

When we work with clients who serve business clients, we will plug in their social media to our system and analyse whether they are targeting the right people. Our platform gives you the information without signing up for a premium account:

LinkedIn lead generation

LinkedIn management

Detailed Social Media Marketing Plan

Once we have determined the direction, we will create some so called “test posts” that will be used to find out what the target audience reacts to and engages with. We use a white label social media platform that gives us all the information we need to pick the winner content and lose the losers.

Putting Things In Action and Measuring Everything

Once we have tested the waters, and have created a social media strategy for a business, we will make adjustments, unlike other companies. I am currently working on making Facebook work for a client, after nailing Instagram. We know which type of content works on Insta, but it doesn’t mean that a Facebook audience will resonate with it. Images were found to be creating less engagement, so we are looking at creating longer posts and videos.

If you would like to find out even more about our social media marketing packages, get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, check out our sales funnel FAQ page.

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