As a sales funnel designer and digital marketing expert, my goal is to make adveritising and promotions affordable for small and medium sized businesses. The playing field of online marketing is far from being level; there are the huge international companies with a massive advertising budget and a whole department or agency working for them, and there is a the small and medium sized business owner trying to make ends meet and still manage the day-to-day operation of their company. Sales funnels bridge the gap and allow smaller businesses to advertise effectively online. Find out how.


When you sign up for small business training, coaching, or service, you will be able to start as small as you want. Maybe you don’t have a sales funnel set up, and need help with it. Or you would like to engage wiht your target audience through social media. Whatever you choose, you will not be tied to a contract; I believe that you will be convinced by the results and want to stay. In fact, people tend to want more. This takes us to the question of scalability when it comes to social media packages for small business. Your package can be upgraded or downgraded depending on your needs and your growth.

Measuring Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

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Next, our online marketing funnels will stop you from shooting in the dark. You will get the statistics that you need to make the most out of your promotions, see which posts are performing the best, where your website visitors are coming from, and what they are searching for. You can stop wasting time and money on marketing strategies that simply don’t work.

Cost Effective Digital Marketing

We don’t only focus on the sales, as we know that you need to give your market time to get to know you and trust you. That is why we like calling our markeitng funnels a customer enagement funnel instead. We will test every campaign before we agree to run a paid advertising; we know that money is tight for most growing small and medium sized businesses. In fact, we couldn’t sleep if we lost you money on digital marketing and didn’t deliver results.

Custom Marketing Funnels to Suit Your Goals and Market

We don’t use cookie-cutter options. In fact, all our online marketing funnels are different. We do take the time to sit down with every business owner or manager and discuss their needs, goals, main digital marketing challenges, and their niche. While we might be a specialist sales fnnel agency,  we are not familiar with every industry and niche. That is why we listen to you and design the marketing packages for small business uk around the needs and goals of the individual company. 

Tackling Information Overload

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If you have ever worked with a digital marketing company, you might have signed up for a package and got no information on how your campaigns are going. Or the opposite; you were presented with performance figures and statistics that you simply had no idea how to interpret. We do things differently. When measuring your social media, we send you an overview of your top performing posts, your engagement level, and information that matters for digital marketing funnels, such as who your followers and readers are, where they are from, what are their demographic characteristics, and when they are online. Thanks to our custom white label software, you can see the full benefits of a sales funnel and understand how your promotions are doing.

If you are interested in taking your digital marketing from zero to success, feel free to arrange a free consulation to learn more about what we do here at LMNts Marketing.

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