I have come across a great revelation last week when I was talking to one of my clients about setting up his sales funnels. You might think that single lead generation methods will work for your business, but the reality is that they might create awareness and interest, but not engage with people enough to make them want to buy from you. Below you will find out more about the last two stages of the sales funnel, based on the AIDA model: Demand and Action.

Generating Interest IsĀ  (Relatively) Easy


If you sign up for various lead generation services, it is likely that they will only take care of the beginning of your funnel, instead of the conversions. I have heard the same story again: getting loads of Facebook likes running ads, but there is really no engagement with the page. No matter how good you are at understanding your audience, you will need to make sure that you are talking directly to your potential clients, or you are just wasting a lot of time and effort. This is the main reason why I developed my white label solution that tracks engagement, and even tells my clients when their audience is active on each platform.

It Is Not Leads: It Is Conversions

Many small and medium sized business owners focus on the wrong numbers. You should not work toward a follower count target, but an engagement target. What do you do with your leads after they follow your page? Do you add them to your sales funnel and tell them what you want them to do, or just shoot in the dark, sending out confusing and meaningless messages that have little or no value to them? You will need to get them to want more from you, so you can carry on building reciprocity and meaningful relationships with them. This is the only way you will get conversions.

Building Trust Takes Time

No matter if you are selling phone cases for a couple of pounds or a coaching program that costs thousands a month, you will need to get people to trust you. If they don’t, you will end up getting loads of interest but no conversions. The higher the price of your product or service is, the more engagement is needed to build trust. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that you are getting sales, you will have to find a way to showcase your testimonials of case studies and build trust first.

How To Make Your Sales Funnels Convert

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This is a question that many of my coaching clients ask me regularly. There is no straightforward answer. It depends on your industry, your offers, and your audience. You will need to focus on giving your audience a chance to say “yes” at every touch point, and you can get high conversion rates. If you keep on offering something that is not relevant to their problem or needs, you will see them drop out of your sales funnel at an early stage. Sales funnels need to engage with your audience, give you credibility, and build trust at the same time.

If your leads get stuck at the awareness or interest stage of the sales funnel. you will need to change your strategy. Instead of bombarding them with irrelevant content or making them buy after the first visit, take your time to build trust and reciprocity.

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