If you are using chatbots to build your subscriber base and to grow your business on Facebook, you might need to make adjustments to your strategy and redesign your marketing funnel. If you are in the coaching and consulting niche, you will need almost the same level of permissions (or even more) thank emailing your prospects. Find out more below.

ManyChat and Facebook Messenger Changes

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I just got a message from ManyChat – a software I use to provide social media sales funnels for my clients and to use for engagement on my business page that the rules are changing. This means that from the 21st of March, you will not be able to send messages to people who haven’t interacted with your page recently. So you’d better be quick to make a good impression and hook your audience, or you might end up losing them forever. Of course, you can still follow up with your leads manually, but that will take effort and time. That is why you might need to redesign your sales funnels, especially if you are in the coaching or consulting niche.


Here’s what the guide says:

Follow-up messages are going away and any messages sent beyond the 24-hour messaging window will be restricted to a small list of use-cases.

How Facebook Messengers Affect Your Sales Funnel Development

The upcoming changes to Facebook messenger are giving users more privacy and protect them from unsolicited messages. Even though ManyChat offers a button to unsubscribe from the messages, you will still need to be careful not to make your subscribers angry. Always interact, give them a reason to stay and want to find out more. Develop your hook. Get them interested and get them to come to you.

How To Make the System Work for You

The new rules affect every business using chatbots. In Manychat, you can optimize your marketing funnels if you add message tags to the list and messages. You can also start collecting email addresses and phone numbers as an alternative way of contacting people. SMS marketing, app marketing, or Beacon marketing can work as a substitute or a complimentary sales funnel method. However, only a few tags are allowed when you are sending messages outside of the 24-hour window, such as

  • ¬†Confirmed Event Update
  • Post-Purchase Update
  • Account Update
  • or Human Agent

Without these tags, your message will not be delivered.

Building Coaching and Consulting Sales Funnels for Social Media

I have recently worked with brands that built an entire marketing funnel on Facebook. They had ads for cold, lukewarm, and warm traffic, as well as retargeting ads. As many Facebook ads are designed to get the click, people who are not using chatbot funnels these ads will not be affected.

However, if you have a long funnel for coaching and consulting, you might want to rethink your strategy.


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