If you are in business, your greatest challenge – just like for most of my clients -might be lead generation. There are plenty of companies out there that will offer automated marketing solutions for small businesses, but do they get you the right type of cusotmer,a nd are you seeing increased sales? If not, it might be time to think about sales funnel development and find a way to target the right people with the right messages. 

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

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One of the mistakes people make when starting a business is going for a wide audience, especially if the niche is profitable. If there is money to be made in your marketplace, chances are that it will be highly competitive. There will be some large players you cannot compete with targeting the general public using social media marketing packages for small business. Instead of trying to win the game you have no chance with, you have to find and communicate your USP and locate the people who will be the most likely to buy from you based on your unique offers tailored to their needs. 

Create an Internet Marketing Sales Funnel


If you want to win customers and generate leads, you will need to create a sales funnel. You cannot keep an eye on your audience and engagement manually, or follow up every lead, unless you have an advanced CRM system or a few employees. You need to create touch points that will take your audience closer to making a buying decision. Take them on a journey of discovering their needs and the solutions you are offering.

Get Your Message Clear


Another important aspect of digital marketing most of my clients struggle with is getting their message clear. They will try to be present on social media and their blog, but what are they really communicating about themselves? The truth is that too much content not focused around one topic or problem will confuse your leads about what you really stand for.

Qualify Your Leads

Are you wasting time with prospecting, not knowing whether or not your leads are going to convert, or are serious about making a commitment? You can make your social media sales funnels more effective if you find a way to qualify your leads. You have limited control over who clicks your links, so it is important that you don’t waste your energy on barking up the wrong tree. Add qualifying questions to your lead capture pages, so you can focus on people who are serious about finding the right solution for their problems.

Consider the Rules of GDPR for Sales and Marketing

If you are using a lead generation company or a full service digital agency, it is important that you check that they comply with the latest GDPR regulations. If you fail to follow the guidelines, or your marketing agency ends up spamming people, fails to use double opt in for your autoresponder, you will still be liable for the penalties, and your reputation as a business is going to be damaged. All our automated marketing solutions are GDPR compliant, giving you the peace of mind that you will not be caught using unethical lead generation methods. 

The Best Digital Marketing Advice You Will Ever Get

Last month, I was at a meeting where one of the social media experts talked about digital markeitng, and her best tip for the audience was: be yourself. This is a bit vague, and you will struggle to interpret the meanings and put it in practice. I would recommend that you create a personal brand, but – at the same time – focus on your qualities and skills that will deliver the most benefits and value to your potential clients.

To crack lead generation might be one of the greatest challenges of small  and medium sized businesses. If you are struggling, get in touch and book a free consultation to discuss your challenges and the potential solutions.

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