If you are a small or medium sized business owner in the UK, chances are that you are investing in marketing already. Whether you are advertising in the local newspaper, sending out leaflets, or post on social media, you are spending time and money on your promotions. If  – despite your efforts – you are not seeing results, and you are not getting leads every day from your website, chances are that you are spreading your marketing budget the wrong way. Find out more below. 

Not Measuring Results

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So you read on a blog or heard from a fellow business owner that you will need to be on social media. The easiest platform you managed to get onto was Facebook, for example. If you are not keeping an eye on your statistics (which, in fact are very detailed on this platform), you might be feeling like you are shooting in the dark. You will need to tailor the content to your industry, and try various formats; infographics, videos, images, and short posts, to see which topic and design sticks. 

Not Knowing Your Target Market

If you are serious about taking your digital marketing to the next level and making sure that your bushiness gets noticed by the right people, you will need to sit down and draw or describe your ideal customer. Without speaking their language, addressing their objections and problems, you will never be able to engage with your potential clients

Lack Of Engagement with Your Target Customers

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Once you know who you are talking about, you will need to start giving before selling to them. Create content that is valuable for your target customer, answer various questions, help them out, and give them advice for free. The deeper relationship you can build with your potential clients, the more chances you will have to market to them, By adding extra touch points to your sales funnel, you will eventually increase your conversions

Not Communicating Your USP

When creating your brand messages, it is important that you clearly communicate and articulate your unique selling proposition. If you don’t give your website visitors or social media followers a good enough reason to choose you and not your competitors, they will be less likely to stick around. Dare to be different and don’t be afraid to make controversial statements. 

Believing the Hype

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This one really makes me smile. I have had several business owners coming to me after they were promised to be Number One in search engine results for a very-very competitive broad keyword, and now they feel cheated. You need to remember that the main difference between sales funnels and digital marketing campaigns is that every cog in the machine works together. You can have a lot of visitors from search engines, but if your landing page sucks, and you don’t have a powerful call-to-action, you will never make money. 

Looking at Numbers, Not Results

If you are obsessed with numbers, you will probably forget about the reason why you started your business the first place. It is important that your main goal is not to get more followers, but more engaged ones. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn 20 percent of your online followers into leads, and then again half of them into customers and quarter of them raving fans who give you free word-of-mouth advertising? Focus on the outcome and the conversions more than you do on numbers. 

There are many reasons why small and medium sized business owners in the UK waste resources and money on their marketing campaigns. If you would like to make your digital marketing more effective, you might want to book a sales funnel consultation to find out more. 

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