When it comes to starting or scaling up a business, many entrepreneurs have the wrong mindset. They look at digital marketing, social media management packages, and sales funnels as a cost, instead of an investment. If you would like to grow your business faster than you would without advertising, you will need to make the investment of time, resources, or money. Below you will find a few reasons why.

If You Gave me One Pound and I Gave You Four Back, How Many Times Would You Do It?

Marketing is a numbers’ game. The more you get for your money the better you are doing. At the end of the day, you and our customers are interested in one thing only; how can they get more leads and sales. If you are paying someone to manage your social media and they get you a few followers, but no sales, is it really a good investment? That is why we always set up a system that will work on turning followers into leads and customers.

Starting with the End Results In Mind

What is your main reason to get social media management packages? Would you like to get more followers? Do you want your content to go viral? Are you looking to generate leads? If you have worked with other companies before, chances are that you haven’t been asked these questions. If you haven’t read the book: “Seven habits of highly successful people”. I recommend that you work your way through it. I admit that it is not the easiest read, but it will help you focus on the goal and not the process. Another great book I recommend is ESCAPe from Anik Singal. He talks about the setbacks and refocusing your business.

Faster Growth with Social Media Marketing

You can go out there and try to stand out from a competitive marketplace, but it is not an easy task to take on by yourself. You will have to find your ideal client, make sure that you are creating value to your audience, and be consistent. Most business owners I work with are too busy to post on social media every day, and consistency is the key. On the other hand, they have limited or no knowledge about how to make it work for them. Most importantly, their time is better spent doing other things. For just £50 per month, you can automate your social media posts and generate leads.

Sales Automation and Lead Generation

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate leads on autopilot and engage with your audience without spending time on figuring out what works and what doesn’t? This is exactly what we do when we take on a new social media client. We look at the reasons why their marketing is not working and their posts are not getting traction. The answer is often simple. Some of them engaged with cheap online marketing companies that added bots to their account. So while on paper they have thousands of likes, in reality they don’t have real people to market to.

All the Time You Save Not Having to Worry About Your Digital Marketing Sales Funnels

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One of the main reasons why most companies choose to outsource their social media management is because they have tried it themselves without results. There will be a time in your business when you will need an accountant, so you don’t have to spend hours crunching numbers. You will also need a web developer, instead of trying to figure out what type of content works. If you have a legal issue, you wouldn’t ask a dentist. When you need to generate leads through social media, you want an expert on your side.

Are you considering giving one of our social media management and sales funnel packages a try? Get in touch to discuss your requirements and take your business to the next level.

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