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LMNts Marketing was created by Laura Farkas, a digital marketing professional.

Our Mission is to level the playing field of digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Laura was supposed to study MBA Marketing at 18 back in Hungary, but for some reason (maybe proud) she decided to enroll to a BA in literature and languages at the most renowned university in Hungary. There was a huge oversubscription that year (1996), and there were 20 applicants for every place. After the third year, she realised that she would never be able to teach 30 teenagers a time, so she dropped her teaching subjects, took on cultural management and Marketing.

She graduated from K & S Marketing Studio in 1999, and got a PhD in Journalism before she got her BA Degree. After a few months at the second largest newspaper in Budapest, she realised that journalism was not for her, either, after the editorial team decided to publish her piece under someone else’s name, as she was only an intern.

During university years. she took on the position of a marketing manager at a printing company and created a Direct Mail campaign that grew the customer base of the business 14 fold. By the age of 20, she was a marketing director, and a full time student.

She moved to England in 2006 with her two small children, worked in one of the largest banks, until – fortunately – redundancies happened, and she decided to set up her own business. She never looked back since.

Starting with SEO, doing a few web development projects, she realised that there is a need for  a holistic approach when it comes to small business marketing. Laura’s Sales Funnels was born.

As the company grew, she created LMNts Marketing to help even more businesses and offer affordable packages for companies struggling with their digital marketing. Now she is offering tailored made digital marketing solutions for companies of different size; from sole traders to franchise owners and businesses with multiple regional offices.

We are currently training the next generation of talent, so we can offer help for even more UK business owners

Our Vision is to create digital marketing sales funnels for small businesses and give them access to services they could never afford otherwise. We want to help business owners take the guesswork out of their marketing strategy.

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