If you are trying to make sense of digital marketing and follow up your campaigns, measure the engagement and conversions, you will need to have a detailed map of your sales funnels. Unfortunately, most of the CRM systems only have a limited functionality when it comes to designing more complex funnels. However, you can use one of the below tools to design and optimise your sales funnels.


1. Google Drawings

If you are a beginner, the simplest way to get started is using Google Drawings. Google’s own software will help you connect different elemets of your sales funnel and allow your clients or team members to submit comments or make changes. Best of all; you can customise the funnel by adding your own images and logo.

2. Funnelytics

This is a more user-friendly platform, but it is designed for advanced sales funnel developers. You will be able to get free templates, but you will need to be able to choose the ones that you need. You can also share the funnel with your audience and sign up fpr a premium accoun for more custom templates.

3. Mindmeinster

If you would like to combine brainstorming, collaboration, and mind mapping with sales funnel development, this is the right app or software to use. You can use the mobile version on the go, which is great if you are sitting down with a client or colleague and are holding a brainstorming session. The software is cloud-based, so your designs are easy to share, and will not take up your storage space.

4. Bubbl.us

This tool is popular among educators and coaches, as it is easy to use, and you don’t need any technical skills to create a mind map. While it is not the most attractive when it comes to appearance, the simple platform makes up for the rest. You can get an upgraded version for more functionality and support. The good thing is that you can change the colour of the different bubbles to create unique categories.  It is web based, so you don’t have to download a softawre, similarly to Google Drawings, and you can create a one-click presentation.

5. MindMap

This Chrome extension works with different cloud based software, such as Google Drive, Box, or DropBox. You can change the font, size and even add maps. Best of all: it is completely free to use, and the unpaid version has all the functionality a basic user would need.

6. Sketchfunnels.io


This is the platform I personally use, as it is simple and you can add custom graphs and images that will make your funnels interactive. Combine this with a Dood.ly account, and you have a perfect solution to share videos and explain how your funnels work. You can add comments and make the most out of the different text formats, labels, and speech bubbles.

7. LucidChart

While the interface of this software might look a bit basic, it is functional and helps you add labels, lines, and shapes. You can integrate this tool with several accounts, so if you are looking to collaborate with freelancers or share your designs with your clients, this can be a great solution. Best of all, you can also export your designs and protect your diagrams.

Not all sales funnels look the same, and the more tripwires and products you have, the more complicated your design will be. If you want to fully understand and comprehend the system, and improve your digital marketing, you might want to use one of the above recommended sales funnel mapping tools.

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