If you are just about to launch your business and need a website, you might be tempted to outsource the entire process. However, not all web designers listen to your needs and do their research carefully, and this might cause trouble later, when you want your brand to get noticed online. No matter if you are looking to do the design work yourself or outsource your web development, you will need to be careful not to make one of the below mistakes.

1. Not Doing the Market Research

It is important that you check out the internet and – in particular – your area of expertise or location to find out what other companies are offering and focusing on. Compare your prices with similar businesses’, and make sure that you are able to stand out. Find out where your audience is hanging out, and what they are most interested in. This will set the right tone for your website content and help you choose the right keywords to use in your Meta and Title tags.

2. Using a Standard Template

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If you use large companies, chances are that you will pay for simple and cookie-cutter web development packages. It takes a bit of research to find out which templates were used and how your content was created. It is always better to sit down with a marketing expert and discuss your needs, your unique offers, and help them understand your main goals, aims, and the value proposition of your business, so they can tailor the user experience accordingly.

3. Not Communicating Your USP

I have seen this several times in the past when talking to business owners who were not seeing any results from having a website. With billions of sites and blogs online, you will need to capture the interest of your audience if you would like them to check out what you have to offer. We can help you develop your unique selling proposition by asking the right questions. This will help you create effective and powerful brand messages that will engage with your audience.

4. Not Setting Clear Goals

When I talk to small and medium sized business owners, I often ask them what their personal and professional goals are. If you don’t know where you are going, I can’t help you get there. They might come up with a straight answer, such as getting five or ten leads a week, or getting people to place orders online. Others don’t have a clear conversion goal, and we will need to have a couple of coaching sessions to develop the right targets and call-to-actions.

5. Niche Selection

When starting a business, you will need to become an expert at your niche. Understand their problems and their preferences, find out as much as possible about their values and past experiences, so you can focus on the group of people who are most likely to become customers. You might not choose your niche right in the beginning, and this is why you will need to keep an eye on your customers’ behavior, so you can make adjustments along the way.

6. Lack of Testing

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If you don’t test your marketing strategies, you will not be able to develop an effective sales funnel. You need to measure the conversion, click-through rate, and other statistics on your site, so you can pick the winners and lose the poorly performing campaigns. The same applies to social media advertising; find out which messages are doing well on various platforms and replicate them over time, instead of wasting money on ineffective campaigns.

7. Not Keeping an Eye On the Competition

You might think that your site is doing well in the beginning, but if your competition steps up their game, you might find that you are losing customers and visitors. It is important that you are able to monitor what other companies in your industry are doing, so you will be able to respond in a timely manner.

If you need help with developing your first website, creating your unique selling proposition, or testing your campaigns, get in touch for a coaching session or check out some of our custom sales funnel packages to work with us on your success.

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