If you are running a small business in the UK you might find it hard to compete with the big brands that have thousands of pounds allocated each month for marketing. You will need to work smarter instead of harder, so you can get people to notice your brand and engage with your business. You will need to establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy brand, even if you don’t have a big name. Below you’ll find a few of the greatest online marketing challenges small businesses in the UK face.

 1. Lack of Money

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Of course, you will need some money to establish an online marketing strategy and generate an income from your business. Just like you pay for your business premises, you will also have to get a website designed and a sales funnel constructed. If you don’t have an allocated budget for marketing, your business might not even take off, and you will have to struggle on without real profits. This is why you have to take advantage of the budget-friendly online marketing methods available for small businesses.

2. No Strategy

If you don’t have a clear strategy and direction, you will not achieve your marketing goals. Write down what you would like to achieve with the campaign; get noticed, encourage people to contact you, or like your page. Not every business is designed the same way, so your goals will be different from other companies’. You have to create smart goals that are measurable, and clear deadlines, as well as a process plan for implementing your online marketing strategy.

3. Huge Competition

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Of course, being a small fish in a big sea has its disadvantages when it comes to getting noticed. However, the fact that there are other companies offering the same or similar services means that there is money to be made. You have to find a way to differentiate yourself on the competitive market and offer more value than similar companies. You might need to talk to a marketing professional to help you create your unique value proposition.

4. No Unique Voice

If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you will not get exceptional results out of your online marketing. You must remember that people buy from people and not from companies, and being a small business has its advantages when it comes to interpersonal customer relationships. Make sure that you personalise the content, provide exceptional service, and let your personality shine through your website, blog, and offers.

5. Lack of Time

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As a small business owner, you might not have time to spend on executing your marketing plan. You cannot post for hours on Facebook groups, or make calls to customers. Instead, you will have to implement a smart, customised sales funnel that will automatically engage with new and existing customers, and guide them through the buying process. Thanks to the latest software developments, you can now do this on a budget.

6. Information Overload

Unless you are trained in marketing, you might not be able to follow the latest trends of social media and promotions. You will be confused, especially if there are people telling you that their software or solution is the best and you should forget about everything else. The truth is that you will have to implement multi channel marketing, which can be challenging. Grab every opportunity to connect with your market and customers, and ignore what other people tell you. After all, the marketing strategy needs to suit the needs of your small business.

7. Lack of Big Data

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Small business owners rarely have the money and resources to conduct a thorough market research and find out first about the trends. However, there are several great sources online that are free to access, such as Google Scholar and government publications. If you want to know what is the next big thing in your industry and want to beat the competition, you will have to get big data. While research is time consuming, it pays off long term.


When small business owners try to market their offers online or offline, they often think about the traditional methods instead of focusing on what works for their industry and venture. You can design a personalised sales funnel that works with multiple promotion and customer engagement channels, and save time and money on your small business marketing.


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