Running a small business can be challenging for most people. You will have to create a plan to make money off your skills, and let your target market know that you exist. Whether you are focusing on your local audience or a global marketplace, – unless you are a skilled online marketing expert – you will find it hard to get your brand noticed due to the huge competition. If your website is not getting visitors, you have limited chance to secure new business. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to address low traffic to your website and make adjustments to your online marketing strategy.

1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

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You might have employed a web designer to create your site, and they didn’t take care of the keywords and targeting. Chances are that you are not telling search engines and your visitors where you are, and what you offer clearly. While search engine optimization and keywords are important, you need to make sure that your meta and title tags reflect what your small business is about.

2. Low Quality Design

If your website fails to attract your target market’s audience, chances are that you are using a poor design that is unable to connect with your potential buyers. You have to choose a website layout that is easy to follow and navigate, and makes user experience enjoyable. You have to create menus that help your visitors find what they are looking for fast, and submit your sitemap to search engines.

3. Poor Content

Even if you have a stunning web layout, without content your site will never get noticed. You will need to add some information and free resources to create reciprocity and position yourself on the marketplace as an expert.

4. Lack of Marketing Strategy

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Doing a bit of Instagram and Facebook advertising here and then will never give you consistent results, It is important that you focus on the long term strategy and build a brand image through all your posts and ads.

5. No Sales Funnel Design

No business can survive without sales funnels. You need to create a customer journey from the moment they first hear about your company until they become fans or loyal buyers. If you are not familiar with the idea of creating sales funnels, you should check out our resources in the blog.

6. Your Landing Pages Scare People Away

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If you are selling your products or services online, you will need a professionally designed landing page. Some designs are, however, too much “in your face” and don’t come up in search engines, as they are not giving out enough information to people about what the offer is about.

7. You Focus on Keywords Not People

One of the most common small business internet marketing mistakes is focusing on search engines and not visitors. While getting a Page One position can get you visits, it is not guaranteed. You have to find out what makes people tick and how to get them to want to find out more.

8. You Are Not Providing Value

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If your website doesn’t give out the impression that you are an expert providing quality information and support, you can’t expect people to trust you enough to buy from you. Make sure that you are educating your website visitors through videos and blog posts, as well as by sharing links on your social media accounts.

9. You Are Not Combining Different Content Forms

Nobody wants to read a 2000-word essay about the benefits of your service. While most people are looking for more information when conducting searches on Google and Bing, they are also keen on getting entertained at the same time. Combine infographics, images, videos, and texts to get visitors engaged with your content.

10. You Don’t Have a Blog

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Most small businesses believe that they don’t need a blog, and only large companies have the resources and money to update their sites. However, one of the main ranking factors of sites is how recent they are. Likewise, up-to-date, informative content can encourage visitor interaction, which is another important criteria for high ranking.

11. You Are Talking about Generic Issues

If you are trying to break into a competitive local or global market, you need to specialise on issues that other companies are not covering. Instead of talking about garden maintenance in general, when running a landscaping firm, check out Q and A sites, such as Quora where people are usually seeking answers to their most urgent questions.  

12. Your Brand Doesn’t Stand Out

Chances are that you are not differentiating your brand enough on the marketplace. You have to find a unique selling proposition that you are communicating through your online marketing funnels. It can be as simple as being accredited, flexible, or giving out free quotes within 24 hours.

13. Using Jargon and Dry Language

Customers looking for your product or services are interested in what you have to offer, and not necessarily in how it is done. If they wanted to do the job themselves, they wouldn’t consider buying from you. Therefore, use a simple and easy-to-understand language that clearly highlights the benefits of your offers,and include this in your Google snippets.

If you would like to get your website to generate sales and attract visitors, you should look through these issues. At Laura’s Sales Funnels, we offer a free, no obligation consultation. With a unique approach toward internet marketing, we can work with you to help you achieve your goals. We have helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses in the UK make the most out of their online promotions in the past six years. Let us help you, too. Get in touch below.

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